Teenage Suicide can be Prevented

Teenage Suicide can be Prevented

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Teenage Suicide can be Prevented

Statistics by the Centre for Disease Control place the instance of suicide among teenagers in the United States at one in every five teenagers. That figure rounds up to about a million teens annually among which 300, 000 suicide attempts are unsuccessful and receive medical treatment. That leaves a whopping 700 000 teenage suicidal deaths across the country. However, there exist interventions that can be utilized in the prevention of adolescent suicides (APA, 2017). This paper will argue that if preventive measures are enacted, teenage suicides can be completely stopped.

The first mode of prevention is teen screening programs.  In this regard, teenagers under risk of suicide should be evaluated for signs that point to tendencies of suicide. The central objective of the screening program would be to alert parents of issues such as depression, mental health problems, and possibly sexual orientation confusion among others that may lead their teens to commit suicide (APA, 2017).

Secondly, through the development of a school-based program for self-reporting on suicidal thoughts. A dedicated psychiatrist in schools should be given a station where students can confidentially access the therapist when in need of professional help as pertains to suicidal thoughts. The program will ensure that those teens who develop signs and take notice find professional help at school (APA, 2017).

Thirdly, the government should develop a dedicated helpline phone number service that will only receive calls on suicide emergencies. A dedicated toll-free number will ensure that all individuals in suicidal crisis can get connected to emergency services for assistance. Thereby, giving suicidal teens a chance of being saved (APA, 2017).

In conclusion, the central idea developed herein is that teen suicide is preventable. Moreover, the presentation of three distinct and elaborate approaches to the prevention of teen suicide proves that the implementation of each and all at the same time will have a significant impact in reducing teen suicides.


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